环球总裁俱乐部企业合作伙伴套餐 (CCP)

CCP Package 套餐 Business Pro
Pricing 价格
USD 900 /month (月)
USD 700 /month (月)
USD 500 /month (月)
Promote your product/services in the whole Network with strong global reach
推介您的产品/服务,直达全球市场CEO Clubs Network is a corporate-membership-based international businessorganization with members from various industries and chapters across globe
Connect with clients Worldwide
对接潜在国际客户You will be able to connect with clients all over the world as CEO Clubs Network reach is established in all six continents for your target market in all industries.
Set up B2B Meetings online or offline (T&C Apply)
安排线上线下B2B会议This is additional services; we create interest through match-making system and initiate meetings (virtual or physical) for you. An introduction service agreement will be signed for this service
这是额外的服务,针对您的产品/服务, 我们配对相应的潜在客户。 可通过介绍服务合同共同商定细项
The CEO Club Network can be your representative
总裁俱乐部可以成为您的代表处CEO Clubs Network will actively become your virtual representative office thus you can conduct your business through us and saving cost of expenses of traveling, establishing, and maintaining office.
您的虚拟办公室, 节约成本和时间
Receive visitors and facilitate meetings with your product catalogs and samples, collect feedback from the meetings
接待您的客户, 展示您的品牌画册和样品, 收集反馈。 CEO Clubs Network will conduct the meeting professionally and build a great experience with prospective clients on behalf of you.
初步的会议由我们专业团队完成,建立专业的良好开端, 为接下来的商务关系打下坚实基础
Dedicated CEO Clubs Team member to assist
配有专职人员接洽和协调Your account will be assigned to a CEO Clubs personnel to handle your business coordination and assist you regularly. You will have full supports in marketing and sales activities
Products/services display at CEO Clubs Network Website
产品/服务上传到官网上Your company will be listed onto our website corporate page highlighted on our website as a Corporate Partner by placing your logo and link to your website. Opportunity to list your 2-4 products/services
Products/services display at CEO Clubs Mobile App
Your 2-4 products/services will be listed under session of CEO Clubs Partners
Mass strong email campaign with high-end data base worldwide
邮件营销,高质资源CEO Clubs Network has a high-end data base of CEOs, senior executive, CIOs, CTOs, Trading officer, Purchasers and more data base companies thus an email advertising your products will be sent covering large number of prospective clients all over the world
俱乐部积累了优秀的企业家,行业精英, 他们可以成为潜在的合作伙伴
Free Meeting Room in CEO Clubs Office
免费的办公室CEO Clubs Network will provide a meeting room/venue for your prospective clients
Free Messaging Service in CEO Clubs Office
免费传递信息CEO Clubs Network will provide as complimentary messaging service for your prospective clients
传递客户反馈, 促进合作
Free Legal Consultation
免费法律咨询CEO Clubs Network will provide complimentary legal consultation if the need ever arises
Free Accounting Consultation
免费的会计咨询Consultation for Audit, Accounting & Advisory space in the region, delivering relevant andtailor-made solutions to clients. The firm’s services include: *Audit & Assurance
*Internal Audit & Risk Consulting
*Corporate Finance
*Tax Advisory
*Company Incorporation (Mainland, Free Zone, Offshore, DIFC)
*PRO Services
*Tax Residency Certificate
*Accounting & Bookkeeping
*Pay roll Processing
*Trademark Services

审计, 会计以及其它财务服务 *审计与评估保证

Free Financial Consultation
免费的金融咨询CEO Clubs Network will provide complimentary Financial consultation if the need for your business with international advisors and experts
IT Solutions & Services Consultation
IT解决方案和服务咨询CEO Clubs Network will provide complimentary IT Solutions & Services consultation on Digital transformation Consultancy includes *Web Development
*Software and Services
*Mobile Apps
*ERP / Business Application
*Web Hosting and Infrastructure
*Information Security

*ERP /业务应用

Free Digital Solution Consultation
免费数字解决方案咨询Free Consultation to digitization of your business solutions to be on international standards
Free Investment & Funding Consultation
免费投资融资咨询CEO Clubs Network will provide complimentary Investment & Funding consultation *Getting the right advisory services is the key to any business success we provideexcellence with experienced professionals with strong corporate backgrounds and knowhow to provide the best Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Advisory and all the Funding & Investment Services Locally and Internationally
获得专业的咨询服务是任何业务成功的关键. 我们配备了经验丰富,具有强大企业背景的专业人员为您提供卓越的服务,包括最佳的全球并购,股权咨询以及所有融资和投资服务
Free Mobile App Development Consultation
手机应用CEO Clubs Network will provide complimentary Mobile App Development consultation for making new or upgrade
Company branch or new Set Up Assistance
分公司成立及新公司设立Free Consultation if you need to establish a branch anywhere in world. CEO Clubs Network will assist with experts and advisor for right solution for you.
Free HR Consultation
免费人力资源咨询Free HR Consultancy from top International Company for all your HR Service solution from hire to retire.
*Talent Acquisition/Recruitment
*Compensation Management
*Benefits Administration
*Training and development
*Performance Appraisal and Management
*Employee and Labor Relations
*Compliance Management


Translation Services
翻译服务We provide language translation services
Courier Services
快递服务We provide Courier services
Business & Management Consultation
商务和管理咨询Free Consultation if you need to establish a branch anywhere in world. CEO Clubs Network will assist with experts and advisor for right solution for you and provide Free consultation for below: *Our team at handle all IP matters including:
*Trademarks, Brands, and Copyrights Registration.
*IP Search, and Trademark Renewals.
*Trademark Examination & Watch Services.
*Anti-Infringement & Counterfeiting Services.
*Licensing & Franchising.
*Recordation Services.
*Recordation in customs.
*Mediation Services.
*Advisory Business Services


Free Online Leadership Course
免费的领导力课程Free Online Leadership Course from International Coach
Company Banner on CEO Clubs Website
公司横幅链接A banner of your company with hyperlink to your website to be placed on CEO Clubs Network website
Company Profile or Article in CEO Clubs Monthly Newsletter
您的文章/介绍出现在我们的社区月讯CEO Clubs Network releases a Monthly Newsletter in which your short profile or article will be published
Promote as corporate partner on social media once a month
社交媒体宣传We will post your company as our corporate partner to our social medias
Electronic monthly bulletin email shot to data base showing corporate products
每月一次的邮件送达Email marketing once a month to CEO Clubs data
CEO Club x (Extreme) Membership for one-year valued at US $ 2450*
环球总裁俱乐部极致会员一年,价值2450美金 *View, search and connect to both Extreme & Elite Members
*Access Business Opportunities
*Access the Exclusive Members’ Offers
*Post your offer and business opportunities to the App
*Receive a special price on the CEO Clubs Business Delegation packages
*Entitled to attend the selective CEO Clubs Events (4 Invites a year)
*All CEO Clubs Exclusive Webinars are complimentary
*All CEO Clubs Regular Online Meetups with Elite Members are complimentary
*Email Campaign to introduce your company to members
*Opportunity to present/share your expertise through CEO Clubs Webinars
*Opportunity to highlight your articles and offers to CEO Clubs Newsletter
*Plus, more Business Assistance

*手机APP, 对接和资讯变得如此轻松

CEO Clubs Elite Membership for one-year valued at US $ 4900*
环球总裁俱乐部精英会员一年, 价值4900美元*Raising your Profile and increase Brand Visibility
*Promoting your products/services in the Network
*Create & Strengthen Business Connections
*Learning from those who already succeed
*Access to Business Opportunities
*Increase Business Deals & Generate Referrals for a Better Growth
*Share Experiences & Expand Knowledge
*Boost Confidence & Morale
*CEO Clubs Mobile App, better connectivity & Engagements tool
*Participate Major & Exclusive CEO Clubs Delegations worldwide
*Obtain VIP passes to top events & International Conferences
*Encouraging you to make a wish list with us after joining
*CEO Clubs Events and Webinars are complimentary
*Proud Member adding to more values to your profile

*手机APP, 对接和资讯变得如此轻松

Free host your company focused 1 Webinar with international participants
免费主办一场网络座谈会Your webinar will be hosted and promoted by CEO Clubs Network with international participants
国际贵宾出席, 您来演说
Speaking opportunities in Worldwide conference/summits
演讲机会CEO Clubs Network is well connected with market, its members, and partners worldwide you can be speaker or panelist in international summits and conference
我们主办协办线上线下会议, 演讲嘉宾主要是俱乐部会员和企业合作伙伴
Recommendation for International Business Awards
提名推荐国际奖项CEO Clubs Network is recognized international organization and we can nominate your company or CEO for international business awards
Your Company LOGO appears in the CEO Clubs invitation & email as a corporate partner
您公司Logo出现在俱乐部活动邀请函以及邮件中(企业合作伙伴)This benefit is same as sponsorship with great value
In CEO Clubs events announce the name as corporate partners
俱乐部活动上提及企业或者伙伴名字Emcee or moderator will announce your company as a corporate partner
Free Advertisement in CEO Clubs Newsletter
社区月通讯上免费投放企业广告An Ad space dedicated for you from our newsletter, which covers community insights, members’ articles, events/webinar and more
发送给所有的俱乐部会员以及行业精英领袖,内容包含活动, 首创,会员新闻, 商机咨询等
Any other special service for your company for proper representation if possible
其他要求,可再行商讨CEO Clubs Network is open to any suggestion regarding your company services. To make your company grow business worldwide!
Pricing 价格
USD 900 /month (每月)
USD 700 /month (每月)
USD 500 /month (每月)
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